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Alzheimer's Center

The Lodge is a specialized facility for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. There are over 400 different types of dementia, and 5 – 8% of all adults over the age of 65 suffer from one form of dementia or another. Alzheimers makes up 60 – 80% of all dementia cases, and in 2011, we recognized a need within the Upper Highway community for a care facility which caters to this. At The Lodge, the physical environment adds therapeutic value. The building is light, bright and open plan to reduce reflections and shadows, and there is plenty of “pacing space” which aids in reducing agitation and distress. We also try to minimize sensory overload by maintaining a calm, quiet environment and having a consistent daily routine. 

We have easy access to and make frequent use of a wonderful outdoor space and beautiful gardens. This ensures our residents get enough Vitamin D, and benefit from the natural soothing that comes from being out in nature. At The Camphors we pride ourselves on adopting a person-centered approach, and try to meet the individual needs and preferences of each resident. This aids us in preventing and managing the behavioral and psychological symptoms of their dementia and to accommodate their changing needs according to the disease progression. The underlying aim in everything we do is to help our residents to live as well as they can, with a firm focus on quality on life.

We remember their love, when they can no longer remember...

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