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Welcome to The Camphors Care Centre

Assisted Living, Frail Care, Semi-Frail Care, Dementia and Palliative Care facility in Hillcrest, Durban

The Camphors is a family run business, which has grown and developed over the years to offer a variety of accommodation and care options, ranging from assisted living to frail care, including the care of those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and related conditions.

Besides frail care, we can also offer respite care and rehabilitation following hospital discharge. The atmosphere is homely, friendly, and relaxed.

The Camphors Care Centre is divided into different areas: The Studio’s (assisted living), The Annex (semi frail care), The Camphors (frail care), and The Lodge (Alzheimer’s/Dementia Centre).

We are based in Hillcrest, the upper highway in Durban.

Palliative Care Durban

Palliative Care

We are extremely excited to be expanding the care offered by The Camphors to include Palliative Care. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Palliative care as:

“…an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with life-threatening or life limiting illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.”

Our Palliative Care services will include:

Visiting Hours

In all areas, residents’ family members are welcome to visit as often as they wish. We have no restriction on visiting hours; however, we do recommend that residents have a rest from 1230 – 1400 and that evening visits are kept to a minimum. Visiting pets are welcome!



Jack and Mariann Lang (owners) built The Camphors in 1992 as a family home and started out with just two patients’ in December 1996. By the end of the following year, this had grown to 10 frail care residents, and it was time to extend! The pool was filled in, and a new wing built to accommodate an additional 10 semi frail care residents. Approximately two years later, an assisted living facility was added and in 2011 a specialized Alzheimer’s/Dementia facility was opened.
The Camphors is set on 10 acres of park-like indigenous gardens, which attract wonderful bird life and offer a sense of tranquility and natural beauty for the residents and their visitors to enjoy.

Services Offered

Care is based on an individual needs assessment, with the aim being to improve or maintain each resident’s level of functioning, independence, and quality of life for as long as possible. When the time comes for a higher level of care, it is offered in such a way to preserve dignity and self-worth. Residents can seamlessly transition from assisted living (The Studio’s) to semi frail care (The Annex) and then to either The Lodge (Alzheimer’s/dementia facility) or to frail care. In addition to providing and meeting basic care needs with regards to activities of daily living, we also do the following: monitor blood pressures and blood sugars, maintain hydration and nutrition, liaise with doctors and specialists, respond promptly to any health changes, maintain mobility and pressure part care, treat and dress wounds, provide mental stimulation and emotional support. The Camphors also offers quality palliative (end-of-life) care by team members who are trained in this field.

Annex lounge


  • Cheryl Hughs – Operations Manager
  • Aileen Forbes –  General Manager
  • Lesley Calaers – Clinical Manager

Each facility has a senior staff member (Professional Nurse or Staff Nurse) overseeing a team of caregivers, and many of our employees have been with The Camphors for well over 10 years. We have a high staff-to-patient ratio, and in addition to employees directly involved in patient care, we also have a catering manager, maintenance manager, general assistant, and a team of gardeners. We pride ourselves on staff who are motivated, friendly, cheerful, and caring.

Our philosophy is that this is home and all residents are unique and important individuals with rich histories, where our fantastic team of staff do so much more than just provide care...


Nutrition and Meals

When this facility was first envisaged the emphasis was always to maintain good health and nutrition. Our menu’s are varied, well thought out and nutritious. Experienced cooks in each facility ensure that we provide well prepared and well presented meals.
The local farm stall look after us well, making sure we have what is fresh and seasonal, and our local butcher ensures we have meat that is tender and suitable for older folk. Good food is important at any age but it is doubly important in our facility – as it is a time for residents to get together and enjoy companionship while enjoying a good meal.

Our Philosophy

We are immensely proud of The Camphors Care Centre, and our philosophy is that this is a home rather than an institution. All our residents are unique and important individuals with rich histories, and our fantastic team does so much more than just provide physical care.
We welcome visitors and recommend that anyone who is seriously considering placing a loved one in care, contact us for a tour. We recognize that growing older can be a difficult process, and we here to help along the journey.

Annex walk

We remember their love, when they can no longer remember...

Schedule an appointment, or get in touch.

Main Switchboard: 031 765 1419 ​

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