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Assisted Living and Frail care facility in Hillcrest, Durban

The Camphors Care Centre

The Camphors is a family run business, which has grown and developed over the years to offer a variety of accommodation and care options, ranging from assisted living to frail care, including the care of those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and related conditions.

Besides frail care we can also offer respite care and rehabilitation following hospital discharge. The atmosphere is homely, friendly and relaxed.

The Camphors Care Centre is divided into different areas: The Studio’s (assisted living), The Annex (semi frail care), The Camphors (frail care) and The Lodge (Alzheimer’s/Dementia Centre).

We are based in Hillcrest, upper highway in Durban.


Jack and Mariann Lang (owners) built The Camphors in 1992 as a family home, and started out with just two patients’ in December 1996. By the end of the following year, this had grown to 10 frail care residents, and it was time to extend our frail care unit! The pool was filled in, and a new wing built to accommodate an additional 10 residents with assisted living and frail care. Approximately 2 years later, The Studio's were built and in September 2011 our new specialized Alzheimer's Unit was officially opened.

Services Offered

Care is based on an individual needs assessment, with the ultimate aim being to improve or maintain each resident’s level of functioning and independence for as long as possible. When the time comes for a higher level of care, it is offered in such a way so as to preserve dignity and self worth. In addition to providing and meeting the residents’ basic care needs, we also do the following: monitor blood pressures/blood sugars, maintain hydration and nutrition, liaise with Doctors and Specialists with regards to the best course of treatment for that person, respond promptly to any health changes, maintain mobility and pressure part care, treat and dress wounds. We also have a hairdresser who visits weekly, a chiropody service once a month, as well as a mobile library who visit monthly. A weekly shopping outing is also offered, or residents can simply order what they want and have it delivered weekly.


The Camphors prides itself on a dedicated team of caregivers, some of whom have been here since the home opened. Although all staff are expected to have had prior training and completed a Care-Givers Course, we also do in-house training on illnesses and ailments commonly affecting the elderly. In addition, Highway Aged has run courses with all our staff to give added information and insight on dealing with residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.Topics covered include: recognizing the various stages of dementia, communication skills, dealing with aggression and managing residents who wander.

High Staff to Patient Ratio

We have a high staff to patient ratio and there is also a professional Nurse or Staff Nurse on duty in each section as well as domestic staff, a skilled chef, two kitchen assistants and a full time "handy-man". We also have two full time gardeners to take care of the 10 Acres of beautiful park like indigenous gardens. These are there to wander through and enjoy, and there are benches at regular intervals for anyone needing to catch their breath or just to stop and enjoy the tranquillity of their surroundings.

Our philosophy is that this is home and all residents are unique and important individuals with rich histories, where our fantastic team of staff do so much more than just provide care...

Nutrition and Meals

When this facility was first envisaged the emphasis was always to maintain good health and nutrition. Mariann was excited by the prospect of being able to extend her interest in food into producing good food that was well prepared and presented. As time has passed her menus have grown to include exotic recipes from the Far East and the Mediterranean as well as good old English food. The local farm stall look after us well, making sure we have what is fresh and seasonal, and our local butcher ensures we have meat that is tender and suitable for older folk. Good food is important at any age but it is doubly important in our facility – as it is a time for residents to get together and enjoy companionship while enjoying a good meal.

Our philosophy

We are very proud of The Camphors Care Centre and welcome visitors. We recommend that anyone who is seriously considering placing a family member in care contact us for a tour.We recognise that growing older can be a difficult process, and we are here to help along the journey. Our philosophy is that this is home and all residents are unique and important individuals with rich histories, where our fantastic team of staff do so much more than just provide care.

We stand united in our effort to help flatten the curve against the COVID-19 spread. For updated and reliable information please visit
Emergency Hotline: 0800029999    WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456

We remember their love, when they can no longer remember...

Schedule an appointment, or get in touch.

  • 031 765 8028
  • 076 141 5118
  • 30 Fischer Road (Recently changed to Blessing Ninela Road) Hillcrest 3610

Emergency After Hours: 083 643 4007

Frail Care: 031 765 1419

Annex: 031 765 8335

Studio's: 031 765 7681

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